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NFL Combine Prep

VAST Sports Performance offers NFL Combine Prep Training for athletes who have previously graduated from college and are training for the NFL Combine/Pro Day

Athletes Trains 6 Days a Week to Improve:

  • Speed: Running mechanics, video analysis and turnover training
  • Agility: Body position Training for Change of Direction and Test Specific Drill Preparation
  • Body Composition Assessment:
    • Measure segmented muscle, fat and water; analyzing separately the composition of ones right leg verses their left leg
    • Allows for more focused fitness and nutrition plans

VAST has helped over 60 athletes gain access into the NFL and have worked directly with athletes such as:

  • LeSean McCoy – Bills
  • Todd Gurley – Rams
  • Emmanuel Sanders – Broncos
  • Reshad Jones – Dolphins
  • Isaiah Crowell – Browns
  • Ryan Matthews – Eagles

Ditch the stopwatch and get accurate times that display Instant data!  VAST uses the Jawku device for all drills related to performing well in the 40yd, Shuttle, and L Drill.  The great thing about this device is that we also use it to gauge reaction time, 10yd time and have the ability to time custom drills that lead to superior performance.

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