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After School Program

“You don’t own success!  You earn success and it’s released in good measure according to the amount of work you put in.”

– Sherman Armstrong, Jr.

“VAST just wanted to take a moment to Thank You and your team for working with my child. The top physical work he has received along with the mental detail you integrate in the trainings has him better prepared than he has ever been.”

A proud parent of a VAST athlete

The VAST Difference

In order to be successful in life and athletics it takes a willingness to endure the process.  The process includes failure, victory, and overcoming obstacles along the way to name a few.  No one can go from average to great without going through such processes.  We help participants understand and value the work it takes to advance and perform at a high level.  Our main objective is to have your athlete leave better than when they came and have a positive impact both mentally and physically.  Programs will be designed daily to see to it that progress is being made and life lessons are being learned along the way.

After School Program

  • Academics-Snack-Performance Training-Character Ed-Transportation
    VAST Sports Performance brings experience and know-how with certified coaches to help all participants reach their true potential.  We pride ourselves on being able to clearly communicate, engage, and improve athletic performance as well as ones mentality approach when facing a challenge.

Daily Layout

  • Academics: All students will have the option to do their homework for at least an hour.  Academic assistant will be provided if needed.
  • Snacks: Students will have the option to bring their own snacks from home, or get a healthy snacks from VAST.
  • Sports Performance Development: Students will experience daily coaching in speed, change of direction, agility, acceleration and deceleration, coordination, and balance.
  • Character Education: Students will be able to take advantage our character education, where topics such as leadership, anti-bullying, and sportsmanship are discussed daily.
  • Transportation:  Our vans will transport your children safely from school to the ASP.  Please call to see if we service your school.
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